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Tan Jia Hui Angela, Andrea Rachael Danker

Conceptual artists Tan Jia Hui Angela (b. 1997) and Andrea Rachael Danker (b. 1996) write that their current collaboration project “come from ideas from their two hearts, two brain and their personal thoughts toward the society in their generation. They are both interested in exploring different mediums.

Tan Jia Hui Angela is currently pursuing her bachelors’ degree at LaSalle college of the Arts. Themes of nature, the self, materiality and the body is most prominent in her work. Her works are an extension of herself and the subjects that best inform her exploration in mediums and concepts. 83389475

Artwork Description

The choices to make: will you give or will you take

A void and emptiness within the frames - an unknown. Butterflies represents the transformation of human life that sums up the timeline of the different stages of life. Reflection of our position as an artist, structured like frames portraying this notion of human tendency to priorities on their future, neglecting the fleeting moment of the present.