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Amir Andhar

Amir Andhar from Bukit Gedung, Melaka developed an early interest in art and painting during primary school. Due to his competitive nature, he liked to compete with his friends in drawing and was eager to learn new things. His father was an Airbrush Car Painter thus he learned all the basic techniques, like how to control air and colour mixtures, from his father.

While he was doing his Diploma in Fine Art in 2014, Amir began making side income with mural art painting. To him, art is not just on a canvas, it is subjective and extensive. He strongly believes that art is about honesty, thus he is honest with himself that this is his passion and the career he loves. He hopes that society can accept mural art and change their perspective that it is merely street art.

Instagram @andhar.ras

Framed Artwork Description



Spray Paint on canvas

Marbles, or Goli, is a traditional game and it was one of the favourite games among children in the past.

This artwork’s intention is to refresh old and sweet memories about this nostalgic game.

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