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Bianca Goetz

Bianca Goetz was born in Singapore to a Eurasian mum and a German dad, grew up in Kuala Lumpur and Phuket, and would be considered part of the 3rd culture generation of young adults. She never thought of herself as an artist until about 3 years ago when she made the decision to pursue art at University. In 2014, after having done 5 semesters at The Ohio State University majoring in Design, she then decided to come home to Singapore in 2017, after being accepted into Lasalle’s Fine Arts Bachelor’s course, which she will graduate from in 2020.

Her work heavily consists of patterns, symmetry, repetition and geometry either in 2D or 3D. Her focus has always been on creating crisp, hand illustrated Mandalas with much of it from here on being mostly self taught. She has experimented with different art techniques, such as sculpting and painting, all the time maintaining her love for intricate patterns. Much of her work is done on an assortment of mediums such as paper, canvas, ceramics, wood etc.

Being a fresh face on the art scene, she has had a small amount of exposure but a few art commissions such as wall murals and decoupage table tops for restaurants. She also enjoys creating tattoo designs. Although she feels like she has a long way to go, it is definitely a journey she is excited to be on.


Artwork Description​

Bianca's absolute favourite thing to draw and what first got her into art are Mandalas. She never knew she could be so obsessed over one thing. The symmetry and repetition drew her in and she has not stopped drawing them since. The paintings on the wall is a mandala that the artist freehanded and replicated a few times across the wall. Mandalas represent many wonderful things, wholeness, a seemingly endless repetition of patterns reminding us of our relation to infinity. Mandalas are shown to us in all aspects of life, the Moon, the Sun and the Earth, the circle of life. You are connected to all, and all your loved ones, friends and family. A mandala may be a beautiful visual representation but it is much more than just that. What the artist finds most important is how much peace of mind it brings her. It creates a serene environment and reminds her to just breathe and take it all in.

The Sun (framed work)

She wanted to work outside her comfort zone and see if she could create the same sense of serenity people get from Mandalas. She chose the Sun because the energy and life people get from it is sometimes unfathomable yet beautiful. The frames are tiled with mirrors for our Sun to reflect upon it and glisten through the day.

3D Installation

The larger than life mosaic watering can represents the provision of water without which life cannot go on. New life is born everyday and without the sun and water, this planet cannot grow. This is something people need constant reminding of. Slowly but surely humans are poisoning this earth and must thus be reminded of what they have now but will not have anymore if they continue living this way. The artist invites viewers to stand by the can and ‘pour’ some water on the plants, taking a second to appreciate all that grows around them and to do what they can to save this planet!

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