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Cynthia Wang Huiyuan

Born in 1998 in Singapore, Cynthia is interested in portraiture and themes of beauty and banality. She believes Art is about appreciating the symmetry and balance in our natural chaos, and finding faith amidst disorder.

Though she is more comfortable with painting, she aspires to be flexible with materials and adapt to whatever medium best fits the concept she is working with. She has experimented with ceramics, metal/wood sculptures, different painting mediums, and video art. This project is her first attempt at graffiti/street art.

She hopes to broaden her skillset by participating in similar projects. She is currently a student in LASALLE College of The Arts, and is pursuing her Bachelor’s with Honors in Fine Arts.

Instagram @badbunnie


Artwork Description

Oil on canvas 33.1 x 46.8 inch each

The frames are “windows” from which fairies look out to gaze at the peacocks outside. Within each painting is a maiden emerging from the dark room, in varying poses, in awe of the creatures sitting idly, drunk on their own splendid beauty.

The peacocks were spray painted using stencils, creating an airy and light-hearted appearance with a haphazard aesthetic. They are positioned in a balanced, triangular formation.

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