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Dyn (Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid)

A fine arts major, Dyn obtained a Diploma from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Bachelor’s Degree from RMIT and a Master’s Degree from Open University. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions since 2005, some recent ones being Dress Up(2017) and The Ghost And The Shell (2015).

His diverse collaborations in group exhibi- tions include Surface of Temporary Autonomy, at Alliance Francaise De Singa- pour (2006) and Singapore Democratic Art at IKEA Singapore (2008).

He is also a recipient of the Winston Oh Travel Scholarship in 2002 and 2004 and The Della Butcher Award (Certificate of Merit) in 2003.

Artwork Description


The Dancer

The Dancer is inspired by Sufi dancers from Turkey and the idea came from the Turkish restaurant at which this work is located. Sufi dancers are a prominent icon of Turkish culture and the artist was interested in depicting them in a minimal style where the silhouettes are contrasting but at the same time, a harmonious colour scheme would be the main attraction. 

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