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Kass is an emerging inter-disciplinary artist who dwells in the complexities of myths through a metamodern lens. Drawing inspiration from speculative themes of science fiction, ancient mythology, video games, board games, and comic books, Kass creates alternate realms that expand upon the imagination and dialogue of personal myths and archetypes.

Artwork Description


Unicorn Stack

For Unicorn Stack, the artist is interested in uncovering the relationship between the image and the meaning of the unicorn. According to her observation, the meaning of the unicorn has twisted, causing the unicorn to become a modulated vessel.  For this installation, the unicorns are transformed into new iterations through the stack[1]. The quest for global totalitarian power is not behind us but is a true promise of the future.


[1] According to Benjamin H. Bratton, the stack is a platform or combination of platforms, distributing some forms of autonomy to the edges of its networks while also standardizing condition  of communications between them.

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