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Nicia Lam graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Design and Media. Nonconformist and quirky, she’s the crazy you’re looking for.

Yullis Lam graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video. She enjoys Art Directing and wishes to further pursue in the film industry.

Novena Angela is a graphic designer and illustrator from Indonesia, based in Singapore. She’s freaky and awkward a lot of times, that’s where her peculiar looking creatures help her express her emotions.

Valerie Neo graduated from Nanyang academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts. She enjoys the abstract elements of colour, shape and form. To her, they are multi-faceted, multi-sensory- it is ALIVE. Welcome to the NEO valerie sphere.



Medley Alley 

Vibrant shophouses and strong Peranakan heritage are the hallmarks of Katong. At the heart of it’s growing tradition, the medley of people and food spice up the alleys of lively Katong. The two walls in Medley Alley unite to form wings that represent the metamorphosis between generations and the modern interpretation of the iconic Peranakan tiles. The artists embodied the cultural backbone by intensifying the flavours of Katong with their artistry and eccentricity. 

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