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Liu Wen Chao

Born in 1992 in China, Liu Wen Chao then graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. For him, moving from China to Singapore has been an experience of discovery and wonder.

He looks at Singapore with a personal perspective based on his own cultural background.

Being a foreigner, an alien here in Singapore, gives him the greatest of opportunities to view life from afar, a birds-eye view. This sense of solitude has given him a profound experience resulting in a far deeper questioning of himself and his art.

His practice at present is expressing his visual and emotional observations with Singapore as a backdrop, through paint. He injects various elements from his own cultural background into his current state of being a foreigner, and weaves it into the fabrique of his painted images.

The elements from history and literature that he uses, always references beyond the obvious.

Instagram @liuwenchao92

Framed Artwork Description

Goldfish & child

A dream about my friend Lee Wen


Oil on canvas


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