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Saiful Bahrin

Saiful developed an early interest in art and sculpture during secondary school. He gained many skills and techniques from his working experiences, and used these skills and creativity to create artworks and sculptures while studying in university.

After graduating, he worked as a freelance artist at a theme park. He explored more materials to create artworks such as mold casting, fiberglass, carving etc. Now, Saiful has begun to make income through mural art and industrial art. He hopes that his skills and experiences can help him gain recognition from others. He is honest with himself that this is his passion and the career he loves. His involvements include Butterworth Fringe Festival, Penang 2016 & 2017, etc.

Instagram @bahrinrashid


Awe was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and developed an early interest in art and painting during primary school. The desire to explore more about art increased in college while studying graphic design. Research on illustrator and photo manipulation gave him a further inclination and ideas on how to realise his artworks on walls.

After graduating in 2015, Awe worked as a full time graphic designer and part time mural painter for 2 years, before deciding to be a full time mural painter to this day. He is honest with himself and art is his passion and the career he loves. He hopes that society can increasingly accept mural art in any event or medium.

Instagram @epyowe

Framed Artwork Description



Mixed media on canvas

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