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Slacsatu is a self taught artist and one of the pioneers in the local graffiti scene. He has been writing in the form of graffiti since 1998 and has been commissioned by numerous clients who were enticed by his signature realistic style of spray painting.

Slacsatu's works are influenced by the raw energy of graffiti fused with a twist of abstract flares, into which he injects the raw technical aspects of spray painting with a traditional painterly approach.

The 'batik graffiti' series that he has been working on is an example of his diverse approach to the art form. A revered graffiti practitioner in Singapore, Slacsatu's achievements are recognised through his participation and awards at various competitions, collaborations and exhibitions, like LASALLE College of the Arts' highly debated exhibition 'Berita Harian 2', 2013 SG Biennale and Chingay 2015.

Instagram @slacsatu

Framed Artwork Description​



Spray paint on canvas

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