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Veronyka Lau

Veronyka Lau is an English Lit grad, social and animal welfare activist, Chinese martial artist turned artist. In her frenetically mercurial life, she has battled mental illness, bureaucracy, animal cruelty, Confucianism, inertia and tedious expectations about what an Asian woman in her 40s should be. She believes there is nothing more important than battling economic injustice and the climate crisis in our present age. She tries and fails at vegetarianism. Imperfect as it may be, she chooses hope, agency and action.

Instagram veron.yka

Photography by Andrey Petrov

Instagram @right_piano_pedal

Artwork Description

Scorched Earth

The framed artifact is part of a performance around a ceramic artwork titled, “We have 12 years left”. The title is a 2018 headline from the Harvard Business Review, referring to the time we have left to act before the devastating impact of climate change is irreversible. How the artist has responded to the biggest crisis of our age is the creation of womb-like receptacles that represents, not life, but humanity’s last stand. They are three of five. In one, cloud motifs float over a desolate tree with an embroidered handkerchief loosely tied to it. On a scorched earth, it is carried by a woman who has fought and lost but nonetheless will leave in full knowledge that life would find its way.


Special thanks to LionsForge

Photography by Andrey Petrov

featuring Artist Eve Tan

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